All of my landscape photography workshop sessions are completely customisable and can be tailored to suit your skill level. I can take one on one bookings or groups of up to four people. Sessions can take place anywhere in and around Rockhampton or Yeppoon. I am also available to run workshops in other areas so please contact me for a quote.

My landscape photography workshops and training will help you develop your skills, give you a greater understanding of how to best compose your images and choose the right settings for what you are shooting. My Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials can help bring your images to life and get the most out of your RAW files.

Getting to Know Your Camera ($50)

Time: 1 hour

Location: Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast area

Topics Covered: Camera modes, What do these buttons do?, Why does my flash keep popping up?, JPG vs RAW, Utilising ISO + Aperture + Shutter speed

Location Shoot ($65)

Time: 1h 30mins

Location: Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast area 

Topics Covered: Composition - Grid, Rule of thirds, leading lines etc, Working with a tripod, Exposure bracketing, What settings do I use?, Lens selection

Editing & Post Processing ($50)

Time: 1 hour 

Location: Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast area 

Topics Covered: Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom basics, Photoshop basics, Plugins (Nik Collection)

Combined Series

2 Sessions: $110: Getting to Know Your Camera + Location Shoot or Location Shoot + Editing/Post Processing 

3 Sessions: $150: Getting to Know Your Camera + Location Shoot + Editing/Post Processing 

4 Sessions: $190: Getting to Know Your Camera + Location Shoot x 2 + Editing/Post Processing