Carnarvon Gorge: Discover the Lost World


Carnarvon Gorge is a geological sandstone wonder, hidden in the rugged ranges of the Capricorn region in Queensland, Australia.

Over the last 2 years I have had the privilege of being able to explore the gorge on multiple occasions. Each visit brings a newfound sense of wonder and appreciation for this ancient place with its towering sandstone escarpments and narrow slot canyons.

Carnarvon is a paradise for hikers with over 27 kilometres of graded tracks and side gorges to explore. Around almost every corner at Carnarvon Gorge you are confronted with some new form of visual enchantment and in some areas you delve into what seems like 'The Lost World' from Jurassic Park.

The slot canyons of Carnarvon Gorge provide endless hours of exploration and adventure. Pure heaven for landscape photographers and a 'must do' entry for anyone's bucket list.

The height of the shaft leading up to the natural skylight in the ceiling of the Amphitheater is one of the most unique and spectacular scenes you will see in Carnarvon Gorge. This unusual formation was caused by the crossing of 2 fault lines and subsequent wind and water erosion. When you first walk in, it is guaranteed to take your breath away!

Wards Canyon in Carnarvon Gorge is all kinds of #‎awesome! It is approximately 4.6km from park headquarters but it's definitely worth going the distance if you have the time. It is a shaded side gorge with permanent water running through all year round keeping everything green and lush.

And it's pretty easy to see why this stunning area of Carnarvon Gorge is called the Moss Garden! The Moss Garden is one of the first stops on the main walk. It's 3.5km from the park headquarters and a great spot to escape the heat.

The gorge is also home to wildlife such as possums, platypus, kangaroos, echidnas & over 173 species of birds.

If I had to say one thing about Carnarvon Gorge, is that it makes you forget about the outside world. It's a little oasis that disconnects you from technology, traffic and distractions and I think that's something we all need from time to time.

Welcome to the LOST WORLD :)

For more information on Carnarvon Gorge, accommodation options available and how to get there, please visit www.capricornholidays.com.au